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Thread: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 model

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    First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 model

    I purchased a used tub (Down East early 2000's with 4 buttons topside. Pump1, Pump2, Temp, and Light) I have been unable to locate a manual online, but countspacula's explanation of the F2-F12 functions have been a great find! (in another post)
    I'm trying to find out what other 'tricks' this thing can do. Does anyone have a full manual or explanation of the controls? For example, right now when the 'light' button is pressed, the tub cycles through about 6 colors. Blue, red, green, etc. Is there anyway to keep it set to a single color?!?

    I also noticed in the tub when the side panels were off that it has a device that was labeled "Ultra Violet Ozonator"
    From looking around online, I know the purpose of the device. But does it run automatically when the filters running? Or is there another trick on the control panel to control that independently?

    Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Re: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 mode

    Welcome to TFP!

    I know this is post is a week old and no one answered it, but wanted to encourage you to continue to post and ask questions. Not every question gets an answer, but we should have at least welcomed you to the forum.

    Usually, ozonators run when the circulation pump is running but not when the jets are running. This is to prevent them from running while you are using the spa to prevent ozone outgassing. Sometimes you have control over the frequency that the ozonator runs, but usually you do not (except for controlling the circulation pump run time).
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    Re: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 mode is another question. Last week I had my pressure switch replaced because it was leaking. For two days everything was fine. Today though, I noticed that the pump was running, but the water was not heating. The heater normally kicks on when needed and the pump runs on low speed while it heats. But now, the pump runs like it wants to heat, but the heater won't engage. However, I found that when I put the pump on high, the heater will than turn on as normal. But once I put the pump back on low, the heater turns off. It sounds to me like the pressure switch is reading low flow and won't engage the heater till I turn pump on higher. Would this make sense?

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    Re: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 mode

    That makes perfect sense. Do you know what your filter pressure was when you installed the switch and what it is now that the heater isn't firing on low?

    Try cleaning the filter and see if that fixes it.
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    Re: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 mode

    I do not know what the pressure was like before/after. The filter looks clean, but it came with the used who knows. When I get home tonight I'll try removing the filter and seeing if it kicks the heat on. If so I'll buy a new filter. Thanks!

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    Re: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 mode

    Welcome to tfp, ohiochad24

    Your filter may need a more thorough cleaning, and I would try that before buying a new one. See the link the cartridge section of this pool school article:
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    Re: First Time Spa Owner - Master Spa / Down East 2001 mode

    Here is an update from last night. I removed the filter cartridge entirely and ran the tub on low speed for 30 minutes. The heater still did NOT kick on unless I put the pump on high. Then, I put the pump back on low and turned the 'Jet therapy' knob on (which is just a valve switch that causes the tub to bubble vs just circulating water. Its not mechanical) When I did that, the heater CAME ON. So the heater ran fine with the pump on low and the air jets OPEN. Used the tub last night without a problem and it held the 103 degree temp. But alas, this morning, the tub was back at 97 degrees and the heater would NOT come on with or without the air valves open. It now still only comes on when the pump is on high.

    So do you think it goes back to my original theory that the pressure switch needs adjusted/calibrated? It had a dial that ranged from .5 -5.0 PSI. I just left it set the way it came, and it all worked fine for 2 days before this problem started.

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