I finally got around to running 4 conductor to my pool pad. Set up my protocol adapter. Installed the latest 713 software on adapter and PC. All seems to work fine, except there is an error when trying to set up alerts. Pentair told me it is a known issue and there may be a fix in 60-90 days... my pool season will be over by then. They recommended trying the Remote Monitoring software... loaded that up... looked promising... it actually sends the emails directly instead of going through Pentair servers. But, it does not support different SMTP port # or SSL... so, no go.

I have also run in to many limitations on the software... ie. cant get rid of the Spa temp line in history even though I have no spa... can't see or control the IC-60 form iPhone... not part of the app... although you can see salt level when I hook up my IntelliChem since the Intellichem screen supports it, but you can't change the IC-60 level %. To turn on my VF pump for waterfall and not waste a relay I have to call it a Feature instead of a Circuit... but then I can't put it on the main screen for the controller... has to be on screen 3. ??? Why? Main screen buttons all cause a relay to engage, no matter what I name them... Documentation is pretty bad... even inaccurate in many places.

This is my first time working with IntelliTouch and Screen Logic... initial opinion is that it seems overly complex and restrictive. It seems like it should be a lot simpler to set-up and figure out. Although, programming with ScreenLogic is a bit better than going through the menus on a MobileTouch... but still seems like it could be much easier to do and could be much more flexible.

Does anyone have the 713 software running and alerts working? Any workaround?