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Thread: newbie: how do I install new SWG system?

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    newbie: how do I install new SWG system?


    I am new to this forum and have been studying the info. that has been posted. I replastered my pool in Feb. after only 4 years of use and was very disappointed in the short life of the surface. I basically trusted the pool store guys and did not take the time to learn about water chemistry myself.. I just added more chlorine pucks and acid per instructions.
    eventually the plaster got so soft, I could scratch it with my fingernails. I did change the water twice in two years but really did not understand CYA or water balance. Since I had a cart. filter, cya just continued to rise with triclor.

    Anyway, I am starting over and trying to get educated. I do have a k2006 test kit. My numbers are FC 5.0, TC 5.0, PH 7.6, TA 70, CH 260 and CYA is 60. I am a little concerned as I have some small dots of brown/green near the return skimmer.
    What could cause that.. I put in 8 pts of Bleach daily... temp here is in mid 90's already.. 8)

    I purchased a SWG, Clearview LM3-24 ...And would like to know how to install it and how much salt to add?

    According to the instructions, this unit needs to be the last thing attached to the discharge line.. Is there a good way to remove a 2" pvc 90 and save the pipe?

    How do I determine how much salt to add and how do I go about adding it?

    Anything else I should know?

    A newbie... Gary
    16,500 gal 3m quartz plaster, infloor cleaning system, 1 hp hayward, northstar pump for cleaning system and 1 hp hayward, northstar pump for water feature. 700 sq. ft. cart. filter with 150 gal per min. flow rate. Hayward mdl. C7020STA

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    Hello Garyg
    Welcome to TFP i can help you with this. i just put in SWCG about 4 weeks ago and did it all myself no problems the whole system pump filter etc. but first of all can you send a photo of your existing system mainly pipe work coming out of the filter

    I think your chems are fine , the manual should tell you how much salt you need, also you have to check your current salt levels first.
    Cheers happy swims

    ps have a look at this sticky
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    Hello all from the land of smiles. Thailand. 5mx9mx1.5 63000L 16300 gall, pebbletex,
    pentair 1hp whisperflow, tagelus TA60 SF, swg monarch esc24 {a bit small for the tropics} 3 returns, 1 skimmer, 2 astral 100watt lights. Planned and built by me
    an AUSSIE expat living thailand for 18 years.

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    Is there a good way to remove a 2" pvc 90 and save the pipe?
    Not really. You can get it off with the heat gun, but that will save you the 90, not the pipe.

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    There is a fitting called an insider coupling, which allows you to cut the pipe (Sch 40 only), glue the insider coupling to the inside of the sch 40 pipe and brings it back to the diameter of the 2" pipe. From there you can continue your plumbing scheme desired.
    Sean Assam -
    National Accounts and Commercial Products Manager
    AquaCal Heat Pumps
    AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generators

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