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Thread: Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

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    Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

    I am not new to having a pool, but this is the first year I have tried to get it completely up and running by myself.
    Pool type: in ground, vinyl liner
    Shape: rectangle
    size: 31000 gallons
    Filter: DE
    pump size: I think it's 1.5 HP?
    PH 8.2 or higher? using test kit but 8.4 or higher using test strip
    TA: 140 with test kit but 180 with test strip
    FC: .5- 1.0 with kit, .5 with test strip
    TC: 1-2 with kit, .5 with test strip
    CH: 110
    CYA 30-40

    I had algae (lots of it) when took cover off. So much that I ended up going through the chlorine shock process and then had to vacuum to waste to get most of the debris out of the pool. Now, the readings posted are current from this morning.
    But, the water is still very milky or cloudy. It's gotten better every time I vacuum to waste but that is taking forever since I then have to use a garden hose to put water back in.
    Filter has been completely torn down, cleaned and put back together once. Backwashed frequently even though the pressure really hasn't gone up in between the backwashing.

    So, now what? Should I try to adjust the PH down? Decrease the TA? Which do I do first?
    Please help. I've been at this for almost a month and still can't get in the pool. :{

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    Re: Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

    Have you passed the OCLT?


    You'll want to make sure the algae is dead. Otherwise you'll have to start over.
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    Re: Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

    It doesn't look like you've ever gotten started GOOD.........because FC is much too low. Lower PH to mid 7 range first. See the shock level you must MAINTAIN FC at per the CYA/chlorine chart in pool school. Don't worry about TA right now. Hang in there!
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    Re: Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

    Thanks - yes I think I passed the least from what was posted, I went through all the steps and had the correct end result. I'll try lowering the PH to see if that helps.
    Thanks again!

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    Re: Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

    Yes, you need to get your ph in range and then hold your shock value overnight, have clear water and CC at .5 or less before you are done shocking. Sounds like you're working towards it, but have a bit to go.

    Reminder, during the shock process when your have high levels of FC you ph will show out of range... don't mess with it. The ph test is not accurate when you are at shock levels.
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    Re: Green Swamp Back Want a Sparkling Oasis

    As Suziqzer said, the first priority is to get your PH down and FC level up. You should never allow the PH to get that high, or the FC level to get that low.

    There is no need to backwash the filter unless the pressure goes up. We recommend backwashing or cleaning the filter when the pressure goes up 25% from the starting pressure.
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