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Thread: Options for automatically adding liquid chlorine?

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    Options for automatically adding liquid chlorine?

    What are my options as far as an automatic way to add liquid chlorine to my pool?
    I read the link about the liquidator but I assume there must be more options.
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    The Liquidator is about it. There was another one that everybody had problems with, but I haven't heard much about it in the last couple of years.
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    One can use a peristaltic pump (see this post for an inexpensive example). Another thread about this is here and there's also this post.

    Another option is a saltwater chlorine generator (SWG) pool to generate chlorine from salt in the pool.
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    I used a Peristaltic pump on my previous pool. Get the one that has the adjustable
    timer. You can have it installed to come on with your filter pump.

    I used a 15 gal. barrel to store the Liquid Chlorine.

    The only problem I ever had was when the tank would go empty
    because I forgot to fill it.

    The best part of the installation is you can keep your Chlorine level
    at the exact value you like because it adds Chlorine every time your
    pump is running. If you run your pump when the pool is in use it will
    automatically add additional Chlorine to compensate for the bather load.

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    Interesting post. Can you tell us what brand, model and approx cost of your pump?
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    I use a Rola-Chem. Max output is 1.12 Gal Per Day. It adjusts down to about .01 Gal Per Day.

    Like this one. ... goryID=489

    Or this one. ... eed-Pumps/

    Do a search for them as that address doesn't tell to much about them. I've had mine for 4 years and it has worked great.

    I found the page that has good information.

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    Rola-chem, Stenner, and Blue-white are all good. Stenner and Blue-white are geared more to the commercial market.

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    Since you already have and AutoPilot controller, why not put a chlorine generator on from them? It makes liquid chlorine.
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    I just unhooded the SWG and changed my pool from salt water to fresh water. The salt water would splash up onto the pool deck and when the water evaporates it leaves the salt behind. This salt was eating my aluminum auto cover track along with damaging my coping stones.
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