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Thread: Ph an TA for closing

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    Ph an TA for closing

    I am ready to close today. A nice clear non-windy day.

    I tested my water and my ph is 7.8 but my TA is 90. Is that ok for closing?

    I know someone said not to put in any CYA since I just finished my conversion from Baq. I have been adding bleach forever and of course on a day like today (sunny- and about 60degrees) (pool water is 56degrees)- it has been eaten up (from 15-4ppm).

    I have the Polyquat to put in and I am lowering the water now. When DH gets home from work, we will hopefully be able to pull up the covers and put it to sleep for the winter.

    I guess my final concern: is my ph ok and should I add a tablet of CYA to keep my clorine from diappearing so quickly.(once I cover it up, will that be fine?)

    I read NWMN mom's closing advice and it was very helpful. I will not freeze solid here so I am just hoping I do as well as she does.

    Thanks~ Blessed
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    No need to worry about CYA. As soon as you cover it the CYA will be unnecessary.

    It would be best if you could get the PH closer to 7.5. It isn't critical that you hit it perfectly but you ought to be able to get closer than 7.8.

    TA is fine.
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    If you've got a little acid left over, splash some in to lower the pH a bit. Add the polyquat, and a couple gallons of bleach. This should be sufficient to get you through the winter.

    I'm happy that the pool is in condition to close and sad that your season is over.

    Go ahead and slap the cover on, have a good winter!! and I'm hoping we'll see you here next spring

    Congrats on defeating the 'BAQ MONSTER" !!
    Luv& Luk

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    You know, Waste, I do happen to have a little bit of MA left. (I actually was thinking of how I was going to store it this winter- so now I hopefully can use it up).

    Since I have disconnected my pump and lowered my water and have the cover on now- I will peel back that cover(I already had to because my little pillow thing is not staying inflated)I will get a 5 gallon bucket and swirl some pool water with some MA- is this the best way to add it? I did add some more bleach before covering along with the Polyquat.

    That was a fun trip to buy the Polyquat.
    Pool store manager tried to sell me a winterizing kit- so I took each item in the kit, looked at the ingred. and realized it was just chlorine and I think baking soda. I told him that I really didn't need it- except of course the polyquat- he said I never heard it called that before. Pretty soon he was saying that he really didn't know what all the different things were and that the girl in the water testing area was just great if I wanted to talk to her.- No I really came for this and I don't need to talk to her. Then he got all sarcastic saying, well yes we all need to learn how to care for our pools correctly- but please don't blame him if I opened in the spring to purple water. I said yes, we do all need to learn to care for our own pools- I turned and left and said to myself , so we don't have to deal with idiots like him!!

    Thanks and take care you' all.
    ~15,700gal~ 18x33 AG~Hayward DE filter~converted using BBB in Oct. '07~

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