30+ year old concrete pool with with liner


Jun 8, 2018
Hi everyone, I bought a house last year with an 18x40 pool with a liner. The liner is completely shot and while getting estimates, several pool companies won't even touch the job because it is a concrete pool with acrylic or fiberglass sides and a safety ledge all around it. The liner will have to specially made apparently. Has anyone had an experience with these pools? Can the concrete possibly be renovated instead? I have no pics without the liner but will attach some tomorrow.



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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Quite a few times some have been able to find the liner code on the back of the liner. Most find it by the steps or ladders. If you can find that you will be set to go!

Do you have any idea who made the first liner? If you know that then you can give them a jingle to see if they still have the sizing on file.

I bet the reason no one wants to take on the job is the fear of not doing the measuring right so they would be on the hook if they order the wrong size liner.

I would do a search on line for custom liners and see if any of them have a rep in your area.

Let me know how any of these ideas work out.