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Thread: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

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    Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    I've been using 12% Chlorine, but when I go away, I use a bunch of 3" tabs.

    It got me in trouble, and when I got home, the pool was green with high CYA.

    What do people usually do when they go away, and don't have anyone to watch the pool ? Do you add a lot of extra Chlorine ?

    Please let me hear about your suggestions and experiences.

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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    NOTE: Haven't had to face this yet b/c new pool:

    My original plan was to use tabs and I was keeping my CYA at the bottom of the range for that purpose. I've since decided to get the Liquidator to automatically dispense chlorine. Will make daily life better and help vacations.
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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    When I go away for a week or more I shock and cover with the solar blanket. usually does the trick. Do you have a solar cover?

    If your CYA level is high before you go the tabs won't be able to keep up and prevent the green. You should shock with liquid chlorine and then use the tabs. Again, if your CYA is too high that won't work.
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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    Last time we left for a week we had our son in law go to the house every other day with and add bleach. I gave him a written guide of how much to add. We came home to a crystal clear pool.
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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    Or.... you could gently lower into the pool some chlorine jugs with their lids off.

    See this post..

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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    I keep the CYA low in the month before a vacation, then as we go I load up the chlorinator with 7 pucks and set it on 2 (out of 5) and bring the FC level up pretty high. I ask our daughter or son in law to drop in mid-week to pour a big jug of bleach in the pool as it is running. They don't mind, they use the pool on those days I think. They tend to make dinner, watch a movie and hit the pool or spa, depending on the weather.

    I type out the whole set of instructions.... mid-week, weekend, how to turn off power to empty skimmer baskets, where to pour bleach and put empties, when to add water and how. I leave test strips, though they are pretty useless, if FC=0 then it is probably true. On the first weekend I ask him to refill the chlorinator with pucks and test the pool with the kit. If it is low, turn chlorinator up to 2.5. Keep adding bleach mid-week and weekend.

    I wonder if you could temporarily hire a neighborhood kid who also has a pool to do this for you? You have to trust them (to do it well, not have a party, not rob your house), and pay them well, and call their parents to check up on them during the time you are away to be certain it is all done. I'd even leave a checklist... Wenesday one jug bleach, check water level, clean out skimmers, Saturday one jug bleach, check water level, clean out skimmers, record test strip data.

    I am actually more concerned about the skimmers getting full of pine needles and sucking air and damaging the pump than I am about getting algae started. Algae I know I can kick, just spray the rocks with 50% bleach and brush and shock until all is well.

    If the pump is messed up.... that's big bucks. So he needs to clean the skimmers at each visit. Very important. Also he needs to check the water level and add water if it gets low. Also very important.

    Also, it seems to me that when we are adding bleach sort of regularly this way, keeping the FC rather high, the pucks don't dissolve very much. I am pretty sure he never had to add more than 3 pucks in the last 15 day trip. I consider the pucks just as backup to the bleach. I think that will keep the pool from FC= 0 should no one come by for a few extra days.
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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    Just being a smarty! I fill the LQ up and leave the timer on.
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    Re: Using Liguid Chlorine, what to do when away for a week ?

    You can try the cal-hypo caplets in the skimmer
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