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Thread: What is in my pool? Pics included

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    What is in my pool? Pics included

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. The past few seasons I have battled with a problem, and not sure I really know what I am dealing with. I have this brownish-grayish "Stuff" in the bottom of my pool. I replaced my sand filter filter last year because I was told I had a broken lateral and sand was being passed to the water, (plus the filter was 15 years old,) but that didn't solve it, although it did seem to correct itself over the course of last summer, (but I don't know why.) But its back, and is proving to be quite a nuisance - and challenge to get rid of.

    It looks like sand, but is not gritty - in fact, you cant even feel it at all. As soon as your finger gets close to it, it puffs away into water, making it a little cloudy. Doesn't feel slimy either.

    It comes back within 24-48 hours of brushing pool, and for the most part, shows up in the same places.

    So far this year, I have vacuumed to waste 8 or 10 times, but it always comes back.

    My pool is shaded due to trees, so never really gets full sun, so all sides are the "shady side."

    Most recently, I thought it might be mustard algae, so used Yellow Out, (I know, I know,) and then kept free chlorine at 15+ for 3 days. I am on day 4, with little to no improvement.

    Any insight extremely welcome and appreciated!

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    Re: What is in my pool? Pics included

    First off, what is the FC and CC levels in the pool? Does the chlorine hold overnight?

    Also, are you sure it isn't pollen falling in the pool? It will collect on the bottom of the pool like in the picture and when you vacuum it up, more falls back into the pool so it looks like there is no progress. However, you should also see in on the surface of the pool.

    Another more remote possibility from your description is white mold. Although somewhat rare, it has a very light consistency and almost wisps away when you get to it. I think that I might of had it once when I kept my cover on too long but to get rid of it, I kept brushing and kept chlorine at appropriate levels and it eventually went away. The shade probably doesn't help much.
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    Re: What is in my pool? Pics included

    When I had a DE filter and had changed it to Perlite or the other replacement stuff, I had a small tear in one of the laterals, it would sometimes spit out this kind of stuff. Usually a grey color.
    I got rid of the filter because it was old.

    Also I come from the midwest. I know that if you get some sands from some of the cheaper companies, they are not "washed" really well. Sand comes from quarries, usually with high clay and lime content, at least in the Indiana area. I wonder it this stuff is not "dust from sand"? but that would clear itself up over time.

    Perhaps you are taking in soil from your lines or a small crack in the pool?

    Not sure Im no expert just some ideas

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    Re: What is in my pool? Pics included

    I get same looking stuff in my pool for the first month after opening, I find it is mostly pollen and dust from the air.

    After the kids have been in the pool stirring up the water, it settles out evenly overnight and pool looks clean.

    But as soon as the pump comes on and starts circulating the water, it collects in all the little divets in the bottom.


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    Re: What is in my pool? Pics included

    Is your FC holding overnight?
    (That does not look like Mustard Algae.)
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