1st time pool owner in CT


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Jun 26, 2008
Hi all, I am so happy to have found a site that can offer some support! I will definitely need it. We just had an 15x 30 above ground pool installed yesterday....I havent added a thing to it in fear I will screw it up :roll:

I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of me around here.



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Jul 1, 2007
Waterford Michigan
Wecome. We also have 15x30 AG and just love it. The best advice you can get (and will get) is get a good test kit. This is the most important thing to have. Test daily add add BLEACH as needed. It amazes me just how simple it is to maintene a crystal clear pool. ENJOY. :wave:


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Mar 31, 2008
Central VA
Mermaid Queen is right!
And welcome. I love this site, it has probably saved me over $1000 in chemicals so far this year, and I've put less work into the pool than I ever have before....that sounds lazy, doesn't it?
Be sure to read the Pool School section, it will help alot. And don't worry, alot of the stuff in there will be reiterated in other areas, so after awhile it starts to stick (or most of it did with me, eventually, anyway) :p


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!! I'm in the Waterbury area, so if you have any questions that are Ct specific, feel free to ask me :-D

I hope you have nothing but an enjoyed and trouble free pool all season :!: