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Thread: First year opening

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    First year opening

    Got our pool at the end of last summer, July. Started following advice and reading everything on this site. Had zero problems. Have a cheaper test kit that will measure CYA, etc. and had no issues with it last year. Just ordered the better test kit for this year.

    Pool is full and pump is running. Numbers according to my cheap test kit, hth 6 way strips:

    Total Hardness 200
    FC 0
    pH between 7.2 and 7.5
    TA (hard to read) but over 240??
    CYA (reading shows a bit over zero, kept about 25-33% of the water from last season)

    Water is crystal clear, bottom has very few leaves, organic material, etc. Could get it out with vac pretty quickly.

    My question is...should I shock the pool or raise the FC and CYA gradually? Last year I used bleach and some trichlor tabs in my skimmer. I know the trichlor will raise CYA as will "shock" (at least what people call shock). My test kit is probably not accurate enough for the overnight test. I think I know what I am doing, just looking for some verification. Don't want to mess up my already clear water.

    Any advice on how to proceed.
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    Re: First year opening

    I would not let the pool stay at zero FC. Get enough in there to keep it around 2ppm+ and test and keep it there.

    Vac the pool and remove all the debris.

    At the same time, I would put in enough CYA to get to 40-50ppm. After adding the CYA, I would then start keeping the FC up around 3-5ppm never letting it drop below that.

    0 FC is not a good situation for this time of year.....algae can begin quite quickly.....head it off before it starts.

    Post your other numbers up when your kit gets in and you'll get lots of help fine tuning everything.
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    Re: First year opening

    What is the best way to add CYA? Use trichlor or dichlor?
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    Re: First year opening

    The best way is to get straight CYA, aka conditioner, aka stabilizer, and put it in a sock and hang it in front of a return until it all dissolves. You could use the pool calculator to figure out how much dichlor or trichlor to use but I think it will cost more money in the long haul.
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