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Thread: Sand filter sweating out the top

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    Sand filter sweating out the top

    I'm running a Pentair Triton II TR-60 sand filter that, judging by the label, has been in operation for six years here in sunny Phoenix, AZ. The previous owners of the house THOUGHT they were quite handy with things, but have left quite a few sticky situations for me to deal with. One was that they put in a new air bleeder/gauge bit on the filter dome, and then did a very sloppy job sealing it up with silicone sealant. That part developed a bit of a leak (and the gauge stopped working), so off to the Friendly Local Pool Guy I went to get it fixed. I put the newly sealed dome on, and after a few minutes of running the filter, I noticed the top part of the tank was starting to get wet. As far as I can tell, water is slowly seeping through the top portion of the filter tank. I currently presume that this is not a normal thing for pool filters to do, and that I should get it fixed post-haste before a whole lot of water exits the top of the filter all at once and that freshly fixed filter dome gets blasted into the next zip code. So, my question: Would I be wise to get this taken care of ASAP, or is this actually something a filter does on occasion? If it does need a fix, would I be correct to presume that the way to fix this is to get myself a brand new filter?

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    Re: Sand filter sweating out the top

    Is it sweating or leaking?

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    Re: Sand filter sweating out the top

    My question is, is condensation normal in Phoenix? I thought that in such a dry climate, any condensation would evaporate before it was able to form!

    I would suspect a leak

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    Re: Sand filter sweating out the top

    Went and talked to the Friendly Local Pool Guy... he asked if it's a fiberglass tank (it is) and if it's been there for a while (it has). It's slowly leaking out, so now I get to shop around for a brand spanking new pool filter. Lucky me. The comparable sand filter they carry at the shop is the Hayward S-244T. They're selling it for $380 on its own, but Amazon shows a list price of $320.

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