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Thread: Shop Vac vs. Pool... Pool 2 Shop Vac 0

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    Shop Vac vs. Pool... Pool 2 Shop Vac 0

    So, I tried using a 5hp/12gal (RIDGID) "shop vac" to blow the lines and it isn't cutting it. Based on lots of reading here I was expecting to possibly have trouble with the MDs, but I can't seem to clear much of anything!?? So I wanted to check here and make sure I'm not being stooopid

    I'm blowing from the skimmer - turns out my skimmer "drain" is an almost perfect fit for my shopvac hose (2") - I put a rubber dishglove that I cut the finger end off of over the end just to ensure a better seal, a heavy duty rubber band and duct tape seal the glove to the hose. At that junction I'm confident it's a pretty darn good seal. Also duct taped the hose at the vac blower opening

    My skimmer line meets the main drain lines just before the pump with a multi-way valve.

    ..............pump (periods just for spacing)

    First, I basically cut the pump out of the path and blew skimmer to MD. Really rough estimate, there would be ~120' of line total, and about 6-7' depth water (including going under the pool) as the pool is partially drained. No dice...

    So, as a test and to try to make some progress, I decided to try to blow returns... Cut the MD off so I had skimmer->pump...

    From pump I have:
    pump----T----cart filt
    .......vac ret

    Vac return doesn't have other stuff past it, and is the shortest total pipe run, so I tried that first; cart filter cut off so I have skimmer->pump->vac filter/pressure gauge->return@pool

    I can see that I cleared the pump, and also saw "some" air in the vac filter canister (it's clear) so I know I'm moving something.

    To make sure the filter wasn't adding resistance, coarse though it is, I removed it from the vac filter container as well.

    So, when I turn on the shop vac, you can see some "disturbance" in the water (this particular return is lower than the rest and still below the water line by a couple inches - was planning to plug when I saw bubbles) for a few seconds, but then it stops.

    I have a hard time believing there is all that much elevation change underground, maybe a couple feet, or that much line resistance (2" pipe)...

    So what gives? Any ideas?

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    Re: Shop Vac vs. Pool... Pool 2 Shop Vac 0

    Try disconnecting the pump at it's unions. I am assuming it isn't bolted to the pad. Blow and seal the suction side from there first. The near skimmer will go first. Plug it and the second skimmer will go next if so equipped and seal it. Then blow the main drain.

    Is the float ball in the shop vac sealing up? I know mine did. I cut a few legs in it's retaining cage so I could remove the ball and put it back when needed. Your unit is larger than mine but the same brand. Bet its a similar design. I used regular wire cutters to nip through the ball's cage. I can still remove and install the ball as needed.

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