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Thread: Floating Liner- Did I Screw Up?

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    Floating Liner- Did I Screw Up?

    Had ~12" of rain on Labor day and on the 2nd time draining water out of the pool, noticed that the liner was floating in several places. Mainly the areas were at the walls, but a couple were in the deep end close to the main drain.

    When the pool was built I had the pool builder plumb a 1-1/2" line from the gravel bed under the main drain up to the pump suction header. I panicked when I saw the liner floating and decided to open the valve with the pump lined up to waste. I ran the pump with this line-up for about 3-4 minutes before I started to see alot of sand through the filter basket lid. The liner still was floating after I shut off the pump, so I figured the water table was so high that there was no use worrying about it until the rain stopped and the water started to drain down. Well, after everything dried up this week, I inspected the pool and there are several places that look like depressions under the liner where the sand and pool bottom (cement/vemiculite) but luckily enough. FInally got in the pool today (80 degrees) to check out the depressions. The surface under the liner is firm so it appears there is no voiding or water there. The line doesn't appear to be stressed or stretched at the attachment groove, so I guess everything is still ok. Right?

    My question is what is the right thing to do when the liner floats after a rainfall like this that saturates the ground and raises the water table?

    thanks for any input!
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    Re: Floating Liner- Did I Screw Up?

    Water inside the liner should be left alone.....the more water inside your pool, the less your liner will float. Leave the pump off next time.

    Unless you install extra drainage outside the pool walls to carry off the excess water, you can do nothing but wait for the ground water to subside.

    Where do you live that you got 12" of water on Labor day?
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    Re: Floating Liner- Did I Screw Up?

    Probably need to clarify that draining the water in the pool was limited to just getting the level down to normal skimmer level. Once this was completed, the pool suction valves were closed and the valve that provides suction to a drain field under the pool liner (below the main drain) was opened then the pump turned on. This basically helps reduce ground water under the pool and liner right? Another question- if the liner floats away from the walls, will it always return without wrinkles? Is there any need to brush it back into place as the water subsides?

    By the way, I live in Hampstead just north of Wilmington and just west of Topsail Island. We had tropical storm type rain that day but not much wind. Official rain collection reporting was ~10", but my rain gauge measures 6" and I dumped it twice. Drainage ditches were overflowing and several main roads were flooded. Too much rain in a short period of time. Wilmington only recorded ~2" that day!
    Fiberglass Trilogy Pool,
    15x34 8900 gal.
    Pentair 1hp Super-Flo Pump
    Pentair CC100 Cartridge Filter, Pentair "Legend" Cleaner

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