Anyone have or know about Acrathane deck coating, made by Multi-Coat Products?
Seems to be used by a few different builders around here. Most importantly, mine on my job.

Just curious for any feedback on it.

On a side note, the people doing the install (who also did my tile/coping/concrete deck, and will do plaster) brought the deck material yesterday... had to leave due to rain, but gave me time to READ the INSTRUCTIONS on the container.

The instructions say to wait a minumum of 20 days before installing on new concrete. They were planning to install mine 2 days after the pour. NOT. I called the PB, read him the Instructions... he said "I don't know what to say... uhh... uhh... we haven't had any problems."

I told him that I was ready to be done, but after waiting a 1.5 months with no progress, I could wait 20 days to finish the deck, correctly. (especially since I can swim while I wait.)

Having to wait 20 days is NO SELLING point. A manufacturer would not say this if they didn't have a reason to.... IMO.