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Thread: Automatic bleach doser

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    Automatic bleach doser

    I'm new to the forum and i hope to find the solutions i need.
    (ehi, i'm italian and my english isn't perfect, pls don't kill me).

    Brief introduction.
    I live in tropics, in Panama, almost ocean front.
    The past year i saw a trend with growing pH and not so high Chlorine salt use.
    Two months ago i changed the water (guessed by a friend) and started to use a new Chlorine salt.
    Well, since that moment i observed a trend with lowering pH and very fast lowering FC.
    Meanwhile i started to use an eletronic device to measure the chemichals, a SCUBA 2.
    And in one month i observed the CyA growing and growind, up to the actual level of 130.
    My friend told me that CyA HAVE TO BE UNDER 100 or i have to change the water again.

    So, first thing, is it correct to dont keep water with CyA over 100?
    Reading the forum i have found that many users have that value over 100 and dont measure the value in months/years.

    Second, arriving to this Site i read about the BBB system and i felt in love with it.
    I'd like to use that system.
    I'm lurking on the net to sse what to use as an automatic doser and maybe i have found something suitable.
    So, the second thing, i'd love to change my way to add FC to the pool, going from Chlorine salt to BBB.
    I need some support to confirm my ideas and maths.

    Ok, i think it's all at the moment.


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    Re: Automatic bleach doser

    Hello Enrico and welcome to the TFP forum!
    is it correct to don't keep water with CYA over 100?
    You are correct! Please see the chart in my signature below titled "Chlorine/CYA Chart". There you will find the proper chemical ranges for FC and CYA based on the type of pool (manual chlorination of salt water). Once CYA gets over 90, it becomes too difficult to manage the chlorine level.

    For your next question:
    i'd love to change my way to add FC to the pool, going from Chlorine salt to BBB. I need some support to confirm my ideas and maths.
    Basically we add Free Chlorine (FC) in one of two ways - manually (i.e. bleach from the store) or automatically (with a SWG - Salt Water Generator or Liquid dispenser). Remember that a SWG uses salt in the water and electrolysis to create FC from that salt. It's still chlorine, just made in a different way. Many people like SWGs or liquid dispensers like the "Stenner Pump" because they basically set it to the proper amount then can leave it for a while. We have many folks here who use a variety of those methods.

    Ask all the questions you like. Lots of people here to help. Nice to have you with us.
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