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Thread: Question about my piping and in-floor jets

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    Question about my piping and in-floor jets


    I recently moved into a home that has a pool. I know some of the basics about how a pool operates, but some of my piping still confuses me so I figured I would ask on this forum (it's already helped me so much on my water balance). Firstly, I wanted to make sure I understand all my piping correctly.

    Using the picture below, let me know if my understanding is wrong:

    Attachment 59768

    • The pipe coming from ground into my pump comes from my skimmer and main drain.
    • From there it goes into the Hayward Ecostar pump. I have learned to program that pump and know to clean that basket out if looks full or pressure goes down.
    • Then the water comes out of the pump and into the sand filter (I probably need to open that up to see if it needs to be cleaned or have sand added). I also can check my psi on the filter, and open it up if I get air in the system.
    • Then coming out of the filter is the back wash lever to divert water to back wash hose.
    • Past that is valve to open the aerator.
    • Lastly, the pipe goes into my in-floor cleaning jets.

    Is that correct?

    If you look closely behind the aerator value, you will see another pipe that goes into or comes from the ground but is cut off. I'm not 100% sure what that was for but I assume it was for a solar heater. The house has very old solar panels that don't work, and we were told by the previous owner that it didn't work for them the 20 years they have lived here but the owners before them told them it was for heating the pool.

    I do have a question regarding the return jet piping as seen below:

    Attachment 59769

    For some reason, there is no return jets on the side of pool so the only way water gets put back is through the in-floor jets. At the top, you will notice a black valve that can be turned. I have not touched that because I didn't want to accidentally close off all the return jets and cause my pipes to explode.

    In any event, anyone know what that black valve would do? Would it potentially close the entire return and cause the pipes to explode if I tried to find out? The reason being is I was hoping it would possibly be able to isolate certain jets because right now, they are in-floor jets just go through a cycle of a few minutes on different sections. Since I don't have a side return jets, it would be nice to isolate the jets in deep end so they are running while I pour in chemicals. Any explanation on how these work, or even how it cycles through would be greatly appreciated. There is also that pin in the middle that looks like a way to open it up. I'm not sure if there is ever a reason to do so, or if it's best to leave it shut.

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    Re: Question about my piping and in-floor jets

    The black knob is attatched to a rod that when up will let the valve impeller spin freely, if you turn it down it should stop the impeller and the gears inside will stop at that point. That is called a pause knob,Buy A&A Manufacturing Replacement Parts for Swimming Pool In-Floor Cleaning Systems

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