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Thread: Cutting Pool Cover in Half?

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    Cutting Pool Cover in Half?

    We have a rather large pool which makes the solar pool cover very large to move and store when not in use. I was thinking that if I were to cut it in half it would be easier to work with. 2 smaller covers would definetely be easier to store in my garage during the season than 1 large one. Then when I put the cover back in place on the pool I could clip the two halves together. I know it wouldn't be a perfect 'fit' when clipped together but I *think* it would be ok.

    Am I missing anything that could be a problem with this idea???

    I appreciate any ideas/suggestions!
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    Re: Cutting Pool Cover in Half?

    Several members have mentioned cutting their covers into smaller, more manageable sections. It seems to work well, though I haven't tried it myself. They may have some advice on which way to cut, how many, etc.

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    Re: Cutting Pool Cover in Half?

    If you have a pool cleaner with a hose (e.g. polaris) then I would suggest making the cut parallel to the wall where the hose attaches. That way the hose is unlikely to snag on the gap. Some people say the cleaner tries to eat the cover; mine never has, YMMV.

    Other than that, I don't think there are any particular considerations. I don't clip my pieces together. The cut is a place where the wind can catch the cover, but for me that's only happened in very high winds.

    The cover does collect dirt; the best suggestion I've heard so far is to use the garden hose to sloosh the dirt toward the skimmer (with the pump on) before taking the cover off, so less of it gets into the pool.
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    Re: Cutting Pool Cover in Half?

    We cut our cover into five sections. No need to clip them together. Once they're on the water surface adhesion holds them in place. The important thing is that the cover is first trimmed to fit the inside of your pool to within an inch of the walls.

    See the link in my sig block for photos.

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