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Thread: Black Pebble Pool Finish

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    Black Pebble Pool Finish


    We are in the early phases of building our first ever husband and I have searched tons of photos and every time we both love a pool it is a black pebble. So, we told our PB that that is the finish we wanted to go with. She is VERY strongly trying to discourage us from this saying:

    -We won't be able to see if Algae is building
    -It won't reflect at night
    -It will look poor with our very light grey/white tiles

    This pebble will be polished in the spa and unpolished in the wet deck and pool (ranging 3-6 feet)..about half the pool is in the sun and half is in the shade...we live in Las Vegas

    Can anyone offer any insight on these points about the black pebble? Is there something that will give us that dark lagoon feel without the problems she has brought to our attention?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Black Pebble Pool Finish

    Hello and welcome to TFP! Well, the first thing I would say to your pool builder is .... "Who is paying for this pool anyways?" She should be more worried about making you happy. If you want black pebble, then black pebble it is. But I will say this .... while algae can have a greenish, cloudy appearance, it is not always visibly apparent in a pool, especially in its early stages. For that reason, TFP pool owners test their water consistently and typically avoid algae and/or know it may be coming ahead of time. Therefore, they know how to treat their water. Since I don't have a black pool surface myself, I can't verify personally, but at night I would still think that pool lighting will still have a nice appearance. As for how it looks with grey/white tiles, black goes with everything. That's my wardrobe rule states anyways. It's your choice. She can recommend or provide some experience/pictures, but in the end it's your call. Do what makes you happy. Maybe some other TFP owners will reply who have such a surface. Welcome to TFP.
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    Re: Black Pebble Pool Finish

    Certainly, it is your call but your PB may have a point or two.

    I can't envision that pool looking really super at night.

    I think the algae argument is bogus but there are some pretty good reasons why very, very few pools have a black surface.
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    Re: Black Pebble Pool Finish

    She is wrong on all counts. Black pools are the most reflective of all. I have had algae twice in 4 years and didn't have any trouble figuring it out. How it will look with your tile is a personal choice, if you like it then you like it. We have no regrets going with a black bottom pool. We have a lot of trees and part sun part shade also. It is very natural, lagoony, reflective, the water color changes with sky, clouds and weather. Pics in our build thread, link in sig.

    Other things I have heard is you can't see your kids. Wrong. You can't see snakes. Wrong, I saw both snakes just fine! uh-oh!

    Our PB has lots of pebble pics their website, can't remember if there are some black bottom pools. Reber Pools
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    Re: Black Pebble Pool Finish

    The PB that did our pebble sheen refinish indicated that the darker finishes water temp typically run about 5-6 degree's warmer than the lighter finishes. We have aqua blue which is lighter so I don't know if this holds true or not. Something to consider especially in hotter climates.
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    Re: Black Pebble Pool Finish

    If your Henderson is the one in Nevada, Calcium Scale is a very real threat, and a black finish will look the very worst if even a little bit starts forming. It may also get too hot. Diving in 95 water on a 110 day is not terribly refreshing.
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    Re: Black Pebble Pool Finish

    Well I don't have a black finish I do have a very dark blue finish. It's a quartzscapes finish and I love it. When we were getting quotes for the pool I have several PB try to discourage me from a dark finish. I'm so glad I didn't listen. We wanted our pool the color of the deep blue ocean. And that just what we got. And I wouldn't change a thing. It's true the darker finish keep the water temps warmer. I added a chiller to my heatpump.

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