1100 Gal Bestway Pump/Filter Upgrade?


Amazon has the 1500 and 2500 GPH Intex pumps that go on sale pretty cheap. Is that a good direction to go for the smaller 10' or would you recommend something else? The one that came with the pool is pretty weak. I don't want to spend hundreds since the pool was only $150 lol, but some decent churn would keep things from settling so much. Even with the included pump running 24/7 there was always a bunch of junk on the bottom.

EDIT: Seems like the stock pump is 330 GPH, maybe the $50 1000GPH would be enough of an upgrade without changing out any other parts?

If I go for the 1500 or 2500, I'll need new inlets and return right?

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I ended up with the 2500gph model.

I guess now now it’s a choice between adapters from the 1.25 existing hoses to the 1.5” Intex ones or replacing (and cutting bigger holes) the Bestway inlets and outlet with the larger Intex.

The adapters seem to cost as much or more than the inlets/outlet!