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Thread: Free Chlorine loss extreme?

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    Free Chlorine loss extreme?

    FC=~10, CC=0, pH=7.6, TA=95,CYA=100, CH=280, Water Temp=65F, near Houston Texas

    I know, my CYA is too high; I used to use the 3" stabilized chlorine tablets until I started reading TFP. I'm gradually working towards a more moderate 50 ish CYA as I backwash and clean filter and add water back to pool.

    I'm trying to keep my FC above 10 based on your chart. I have a test kit and test my chlorine frequently and am finding that I'm loosing about 1 ppm FC per day (more or less). Therefore, I'm adding 1 jug (1.41 gal) of 6% sodium hypcochlorite about every 2 to 3 days. (1 jug should raise Cl ~2.5 ppm in a 30k gal pool.)

    My question is is that I seem to be adding lots of chlorine pretty regularly even though my CYA is fairly high and it's only spring with water temp at 65F and outside temp around 70ish. Does this sound normal? What can I expect in August when water temp will be around 85F and I finally get my CYA down in the 50 range?
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    Re: Free Chlorine loss extreme?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Seems like you may have algae or similar trying to get a hold in your pool and that the high cya is preventing the cl from fully killing it

    I'd say that this is a temporary problem until you get the cya down, so come August (with the cya level more optimal) you won't have to use as much bleach for maintenance 8)
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    Re: Free Chlorine loss extreme?

    Welcome to TFP!

    1 ppm of chlorine per day actually sounds fairly low to me. Most people use 2 ppm of chlorine per day, or more, in the middle of the summer.

    Bleach, and liquid chlorine, are relatively bulky compared to the other sources of chlorine. Every source of chlorine has some disadvantage, for bleach it is carrying the jugs around.
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