Anyone have experience with using a Tristar variable speed pump with the Pro Logic? I'm just curious how you use the Pro Logic to select different speeds on the Tristar. I know you need that extra controller to interface with, but I've read the manual and it says nothing about how to program the Pro Logic to change speeds - it just tells how to connect it to the Tristar controller.

I need to replace our current 2-speed pump (motor is dying), and our waterfall pump is on it's last leg well. I was thinking it would make sense to use a variable speed pump and set the flow rate to exactly what we need for the pool, spa, pool + waterfall, spa + waterfall, etc. I've read that a variable speed pump can do that, and I've figured out the plumbing and most of the controller side of things, but I just can't figure out the Tristar part of it.

Also, any experience people have with the Tristar variable speed would be welcome as well. This is a pretty new pump, and I can't find a lot of information about it. I know people rave about the Intelliflo, but by the time I buy an Intellicomm unit to connect it to the ProLogic, you're looking at $1700! I've found somewhere I can get the Tristar with the controller for around $900, which is very tempting since it would probably cost nearly that much to replace the 2 separate pumps anyway.