10 ft pool how do I get up high enough to tile it?


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Jun 7, 2016
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So I'm working on my remodel and want to start working on tiling it, I have some experience with my bathrooms and kitchens, the one thing stumping me is how do I get high enough to tile it. I don't think reaching in from the top will work... any ideas?



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Mar 3, 2017
Chattanooga, tn
You could rent scaffolding, or do as Big Will's contractor. Personally, I build a 3-part wood piece to paint stairways with the ladder, and pressure wash on a slope. You can google or pinterest ideas for an angle support.
Apr 25, 2017
Coastal, WA
I have a 10' deep pool and had to come up with lots of different ideas. For the bulk of the work I installed roof jacks (for installing roofing) by drilling into the pool and using expansion anchors that fit the roof jacks. After I just grouted in the holes before we sealed it.

After sealing I built a few a-frame with a horizontal kicker - first picture above that I could move around. My pool has the slope like yours so in the sloped areas I padded up and rigged a 6' fixed ladder with a couple of angles to hang behind the coping.

Be safe, and if you aren't used to working perched like that, it can be pretty uncomfortable. It was for me.