1 Month Old Pool - Test Results with TF100


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Jun 2, 2019
Florida, USA

Here are the results from today (Central Florida):
FC: 5
PH: 8.2
TA: 70
CH: 300
CYA: 60
SALT: 3430 (Using the AquaCheck Strips

I added 17 oz of Muriatic Acid to lower the PH. I'll be going out of town tomorrow until Friday night... Do I need to do something special or should I be good with that.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Your pH is high. Take it down into the 7s with some muriatic acid. Use PoolMath (either the app or the classic web version found at bottom of this page) to guide you on quantity.

ooops...never mind. i see you did it already! LOL :hammer: my bad.

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Jun 8, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
Hard to say - over time you'll learn what settings it needs to be at to keep the right amount of FC in there. But if you're only out of town for a few days it will probably be OK, and you can adjust further when you get back. If nothing else bump it up a bit - you have some room to have your FC be higher and then you'll be certain the FC is high enough to not get an algae bloom while you're away. :)