1.5 inch T-joint connector??


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Jun 16, 2019
I just 'upgraded' my Intex pool filter to a stronger model which now has 1 outlet and 1 inlet.

My pool as 3 holes... One outlet, two inlet.

Now I have a problem. The remaining 1x outlet can either be plugged with the strainer plug (likely to leak), i would rather connect another outlet hose.

Here's my problem
I cannot find anywhere a Intex 1.5 hose T-joint. This is required in order to combine 2x 1.5 inch hoses into the filter. I looked online on Intex and there is nothing.

1. Should I keep searching? Is there any benefit to having 2x inlets with this larger 1500 gph sand filter pump I have?
2. or just fill it up and plug the remaining hole with the strainer hole plug? I guess I could also use a cork in the end to make it completely plugged.

Any thoughts are appreciated!!


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
you probably just need a 1.5" T fitting and two 1.5" slip x barb fittings to hose clamp to. a small piece of 1.5" pipe in between to allow you to glue the barb fitting to the T and you are done, super simple
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