white flakes

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    White Water Mold getting worse during SLAM?

    Hi Indoor Pool seems to have white water mold ( I think). I have been slamming for a 2 days and it seems to be getting worse in appearance but chlorine loss is going down Details. ========================================== Pool ------------------------------------------ Build Type...
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    Tiny white flakes in Pool

    Hi All, I've been hovering around in the forums for a little while now and this is my first post ;) I'm hoping someone can help with a small problem I'm having. I've had a new salt pool for about 4 months now and ever since we added the salt I've had tiny little white flakes in the pool and spa...
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    White flakes from SWG

    Posting new thread per @mguzzy: My csi has been within optimal range and I am getting white flakes out of my returns, as generated by SWG. Pool store states calcium hardness at about 440 or so. My fill water is about 200-250 if memory is correct. Replacing evaporation loss always adds more CA...