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    VSP in North Texas

    I am in the process of finalizing my equipment choices for a new build and was told by my builder that a VSP in Texas wouldn't be a cost saver due to such warm temps in the summer. They are recommending a 1-speed, 2hp pump for a 15k G pool. They gave an example of a VSP working well in San Diego...
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    Single Pump or Multiple Pumps

    Guys, I am requesting thoughts on using one variable speed pump (Pentair - IntelliFlo VSF 011056) for the following pool/spa combo build; * Pool - 25k - 30k gallons * Spa - 8-10 jets w/ spillover * Waterfall (90gpm) * (2) Bubblers * (3) Laminars Would a single VSP be a great option for this...