sub panel

  1. J

    How is this looking (sub panel)

    I wanted to get some of the electrical work out of the way while waiting for pool instal. How is this looking? -100amp sub panel -1” schedule 40 conduit (filled to 39.7% capacity). 20’ run. -#3 thhn for hot1, hot2, and neutral, #6 ground -Neutral and ground bus separated at sub -Box bonded to...
  2. D

    20yr old SubPanel- No GFCIs. Advice on Moving/Upgrading?

    Here's pics of what I got installed now. I'm looking to move the box about 1' to the side, and possibly 1' down so I don't have to pigtail new wires, and just keep the existing wires in tact. I'd like to cut the copper/emt tubes, and connect electrical PVC pipe w/ 90's to the new location. I'd...
  3. P

    Intellicenter circuit breaker question

    Hello all, I'm in the middle of replacing all my equipment... Based on all the input here at TFP, I invested in an intellicenter. My question is about the sub panel, I'm not sure what size breaker to feed the intellicenter with. I plan on having an intelliflo pump, aquacal sq225, bubbler, pool...