1. M

    Seat scaling

    I am getting pretty bad scaling on the surfaces of my seats after refilling our hottub. The water chemicals are exactly where they need to be. What can I do?
  2. K

    Pool Suface Became Rough in Last few months

    Pool surface has started becoming rough in last few months. Looking at the forums, I think this might be due to Calcium Scaling. I am attaching few pictures and my current pool chemistry. Can you please advise on how to control this. Thanks. Free Available Chlorine Total Available Chlorine...
  3. D

    Pea sized black spot

    Hello Fellow Pool Boys and Girls, We just finished building our pool about a month ago. Unfortunately, we've developed a pea sized spot with a black center and brownish cloud moving away from the center. I tried placing a chlorine tab on the spot, for approximately a week, and brushed...