outdoor timer

  1. D

    Replace old timer box(has breakers) with Wi-Fi Smart Box

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have already seen videos on how to replace the mechanical timer box with the new smart box but my timer box also has breaker switches in it. So what would you advise? Keep that box (for the breakers)but just disconnect the mechical...
  2. megaz28

    Intex 16" Sand Filter Pump (Model SF60110-2) - Bypassing the digital timer and integrating into the smart home.

    Problem: I got the Intex 16" Sand Filter Pump (Model SF60110-2) to replace the small Intex Cartridge pump that came with our 18' above ground pool. The outgoing pump's schedule was controlled by a zWave outdoor smart plug and life was good. Well... the new sand filter pump is equipped with a...