multiport valve

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    Just installed a new pump and Pentair multiport. The two ports on the multiport (for pump and return) are leaking. I only threaded them in. Was I supposed to actually glue the threads into the multiport? Looks like I’m going to have to do some more hacking away. Also I bought a new o ring for...
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    Hayward DE4820 Filter very low pressure reading & VariFlo Multiport Valve water leak

    Hi, we installed brand new Hayward Pump, DE Filter, Multiport valve, 2 inch PVC pipes to replace our very old Waterway pump and PAC FAB DE filter. While this is our 4th season as pool owners, I would still consider ourselves newbies because this is our first year of doing everything by...
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    Rinse setting for Hayward 4 way MPV

    I have a Hayward SP0740DE Valve Assembly Selecta-Flo 4-Way Valve for my DE filter. There are 4 settings; 1) filter 2) waste 3) backwash 4) spa or pool boost My question is; there’s no rinse setting....what am I missing? My pool guy gave me the run down several weeks ago on backwashing and it...
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    Broken multi port valve

    My multi port handle broke off and it’s stuck in the back wash setting. It’s a Hayward pump not sure if that makes a difference. Is there a way to change this setting back to filter without the handle? It’s going to take several days to get a new one and we really need the pump back on filter.