lap pool

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    Will this design cause maintenance nightmares?

    We are in the design process for our pool & cabana and we currently have a contemporary rectangle style in-ground pool. I had my designer leave a gap in the middle of the stairs off the sun shelf to allow for a wall that would allow for me to swim laps in the pool. My designer said he has...
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    What have we got wrong?

    We live in a relatively warm climate (northern CA) and are planning to build a pool in our backyard for the adults (serious lap swimming, but no one professional) and our two kids. What would you say is wrong with this plan? How would you improve it? 50’ x 10’ pool (possibly 50’ x 12’) + hot...
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    Bonding, am i too late???

    Omg!. I looked up and researched making a lap pool for 2 years. I built one just like the plans I purchased off internet. I laid a footing w rebar, poured concrete, laid first row blocks, drilled hole in every other block hole, cement angored a vertical rebar to the hole and filled...