Bonding, am i too late???


Jun 18, 2018
Fort worth, tx
Omg!. I looked up and researched making a lap pool for 2 years. I built one just like the plans I purchased off internet.
I laid a footing w rebar, poured concrete, laid first row blocks, drilled hole in every other block hole, cement angored a vertical rebar to the hole and filled cinderblocks with vertical rebar with cement. THE top row are cement cap blocks. I have an equipment cement pad next to.pool 4×8', with rod in ground next to it. The quick disconnect and gfi plug in protective box are built 5'6" from pool, and another rod is ground by house and main breaker box ( 20ft away).

I dont remember where recently I heard of bonding , guess probably reading the pool salt cell manual. I understand the whole concept of why to do it. However my fear is I am too late to bond or have made a huge costly mistake. Another thread on this site was similar to my problem and one gentleman said since each rebar in encapsle in cinder block and the liner keeps from touching the wet cement bonding isnt necessary other than bond water n deck. He also stated if he had plastered or painted the pool it would have needed to be bonded. I tried to ask this question there, but informed that thread is too old and need to start my own new one . So here it is.

My question is this. I dont have a deck the pool is part above ground and part in ground, built into sloping hill. You simply get in on the end of pool that is 1ft above ground. I also have concrete caps. And ....I painted out side n inside pool with dry lock extreme.(which is suppose to be neutral).

So where am I on the bonding issue?

Equipment pad and equipment bonded w skimmers plate lugs bonded.

Do I still need drill into each cinder block, thru concrete to rebar an attach a lug to @ 80 -90 columns / vertical rebars?

If I dont have to tap into each column CB containing rebar, Do I still need to run wire around entire perimeter of pool ?
if so what do I attach the bonding lug nut to? The rebar inside one of 4 cinder blocks equally distant apart? Or just to cinder block itself. ?

I read that drylok extreme is required in different building projects that have some kind of electrical component, for the neutral property. So I as m praying this will suffice for bonding pool shell.

I am heart broken if I am too late. I researched for so long long building a pool out of cinder blocks and no plans or any blog, or internet reference to cb pools mention bonding.

Please help me. I hope I havent I stalled a huge plantar box in backyard! ?‍♀

The picture below is one during construction. I painted inside m outside of pool with extreme dry lock, then it has insulated foam board on walls, then liner. Cap blocks on top rowScreenshot_20200516-210111_Facebook.jpgd

Thank u for ur time n help


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Welcome to TFP.

Will your pool need to pass any local code inspections?

You at least need to bond the water to your bonding grid. You can connect the water bond through a pipe or skimmer...

You say you have all your equipment bonded together. Run the bonding wire around your pool like an above ground pool and tie it into the water bond.

This should point you in the right direction. Ask questions as necessary.


Jun 18, 2018
Fort worth, tx
I have galvanize clamps on walls to support pipes do these need to be changed to plastic wll clamps. If so what type screw do I use . Or since either the clamp or screw is metal, each will need to be bonded too?