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    10' Intex pool with algae

    Hello! I have a 10' Easy Set Intex pool that I'm battling algae with. I've tried shocking it with vinyl pool shock, replacing the filter cartridge, using a pool brush to sweep it toward the filter intake...nothing has worked. The worst part: I haven't even had a chance to use it yet since I'm...
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    New here, bigger inflatable pool question

    Good afternoon to all! I recently purchased Intex's larger inflatable pool which holds around 160 gallons, the link is below. Anyway we have city water and when we clean with bleach inside the water turns a tint brown. I was trying to keep this pool up for a month so I added a single chlorine...
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    Pool on existing concrete patio

    I’m looking to place a 10’ intext metal frame/poly on an existing concrete patio. The patio has a slight grade to direct rain away from the house. Suggestions on a way to make a non permanent level surface to place the pool on top of?
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    Help needed to plumb Intex pool

    On the close up picture of the return. How did you hookup the pvc pipe to hayward fitting? Looks like the person applied some foam or silicone. Love the setup and trying to duplicate.