Well Water Brown - Intex 12’ x 30”


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May 24, 2020
We just set up a new intex above ground pool Using approximately 1700 gallons of well water. The water is an orange brown after approximately eight hours of filling. We ran the filter a few times and have added metal free additive. Added 5x 1” Chlorine tablets also. Ph is high. Any idea how long you have to wait for the metal free to clear up the water with filter running? Is fixable or should we drain and have fresh water delivered?


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Joe, welcome to TFP! :wave: Joe, I'll be honest - the best thing you can do for your pool fun is dump and have fresh non-iron water delivered. If you simply can't do that, do the following right away:
- Place polyfill or towels in the skimmer now to capture as much of the iron as you can.
- If you are still filling from the well, pre-filter as much as you can.
- Once you have mechanically filtered as much as you can, all you can do is hope is that you captured enough iron in towels and such that the chemicals will help. At that point you will:
a. Lower pH. Keep it between 7.2-7.4
b. Carefully balance your FC to your current CYA as noted on the FC/CYA Chart
c. Continue using a good sequestrant consistently

Even with the best treatments, if the iron content is too high, you may be fighting a losing battle. But those are some initial recommendations. Let us know how it goes.