first pool

  1. Rees’ Pool

    Cloudy 1st Summer

    So happy for our first summer with a pool, BUT cloudy water. Here is the cycle: me “ugh, the water is cloudy,” my husband “the pool store said its perfect.” After multiple rounds of this, my husband gets out the clarifier. Still cloudy. Crystal clear water only is seen after flocking, but not...
  2. D

    New owner with high TA

    First test complete but I think I did something wrong , this is new fill from tap water ( city water ) 8650 gal pool vinyl liner Using TF-100 test kit TC 0 PH 8.2 FC 0 TA 680 CYA 0 So I know I must address CYA first but is my TA way wrong ? Looks off the chart to me . What do I do about it ...
  3. C

    Issue with CYA levels

    Hello I have recently purchased the Taylor Technologies K-2006 test kit and ran some tests on my pool water. The results came back as follows: CYA: less than 30 ppm FC: 0.2 ppm PH: 7.8 TA: 60 ppm Calcium hardness: 70 ppm Having read through some of the threads on this forum I came to the...