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    Pump filter basket replacement

    Hello everyone, My pool pump and filter basket will be 2 years on 11/24/2020. I just found a small crack on the filter basket. Is it time for me to change it? Is there a place you recommend to buy it from? What is a reasonable price for it? Thank you,
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    Dolphin Active 30 cleaning problems

    New Pool Owner and Active 30 owner here. After powerwashing the cement around the pool, the pool was quite dirty. I had the Dolphin run about 3 or 4 cycles (with the filter ending up with a small amount of sand in it after every cleaning) and the pool still looked like the below with dirt along...
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    Filter won’t Prime!

    Hey everyone , So for days now I can’t seem to get my filter to prime. I feel like I have tried absolutely everything. What happens is I turn the filter on it blows bubbles into the pool and then nothing. So one good gust and that’s it. Also the skimmer basket/ carriage of the pump isn’t full...
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    Dolphin S-300i integrated filter basket is full after a 2.5 hour run cycle