cya testing

  1. Sotex

    CYA images

    These were all taken from the same distance and then cropped. For such a subjective test, thought I’d post these images to see which CYA level the forum would assign.
  2. T

    CYA Test Confusion

    I’ve tested via liquid my CYA and have never seen anything below 100. I so wish there was a more definitive test like counting drops. I’ve also tested using two different strips and they both come back 50. I tested the strips with tap water and they correctly showed “0”. Which should I trust...
  3. johig

    CYA is lower than expected

    Since my pool was filled (December 2019) I have been gradually raising the CYA. The pool guy started out with chlorine pucks when it was too cold for the SWG to run. After startup was complete, I began adding solid CYA a couple of pounds at a time using the sock method. I am up to a total of...
  4. J

    CYA Accumulation

    Hello! I am a new pool owner here in the hot AZ desert and have been doing my own maintenance with good results so far. We filled the 9000 gallon pool in early July and so far about 16 Tri-Chlor pucks and maybe 5-6 bags of the 13oz shock have been added. I took a sample to my local pool supply...
  5. C

    Issue with CYA levels

    Hello I have recently purchased the Taylor Technologies K-2006 test kit and ran some tests on my pool water. The results came back as follows: CYA: less than 30 ppm FC: 0.2 ppm PH: 7.8 TA: 60 ppm Calcium hardness: 70 ppm Having read through some of the threads on this forum I came to the...
  6. holdup1time

    CYA testing with T 2006

    Looking for some help on the proper way to test my CYA with my T 2006. I've seen a few posts here about looking for the black dot while holding it at your waist level as you as standing up. I've literally been working everyday since opening my pool and have had no time to read the...