1. B

    Auto fill

    Hello, I recently had to remove my pool deck and found I have a unused 1 inch line that used to run a pressure pool cleaner. Since the line is already in the wall of the in ground pool I would like to make it an auto fill. The line goes up from the pool wall then does a 90 right below the...
  2. mystie3k

    Autofill Wont Turn Off? (Levolor SOL100)

    Hi all - just joined last week and enjoying all the great content. I wanted to share something I learned and couldn't find on the forum, and get feedback if anyone has had something similar. Issue: Jandy Levolor K-1100 autofill with the 1in 24V Solenoid with Flow Control (SOL100) would not...
  3. S

    Pool keeps overfilling

    Hi, I've been having a reoccurring problem of my pool being overfilled. The filler is a Korky, similar to this one. The unit was completely submerged and water was still coming out of the spout at the top when I bent it up out of the water. Does anyone have any suggestions to stop this issue...
  4. S

    Autofill question

    Hello, my concrete decking was recently poured and I have a question about my autofill. As you can see from the pic, it is encased in concrete. Is this an error??
  5. L

    Installed a pressure vacuum breaker for pool auto leveler- Is it installed correctly Arizona

    My Pool guy just installed a new pressure vacuum break, it was leaking from the top. Is it installed correctly. Here are the before and after pictures. 1. Is it installed correctly? I am concerned with the handles so close to the wall. I had to replace the handles in the past on my old...
  6. A

    lack of water at supply

    Hoping someone can advise before I rent a bulldozer. i noticed my water level of my inground pool was low. when i checked my supply line, i noticed there was no water in it. I checked the anti-syphon and there is no water coming up into that. My problem is there is no (known) valve that...