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    Featured Pre-Rust Protection: Intex Prism Rectangular Frame Pool

    No rust yet on my XTR. Put it up last year.
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    26' Intex - Planning, Install, Upgrades, and Landscaping Thread

    I pretty much came to this conclusion also. Plus I don't think it would increase my season that much, or make my energy bill sky high.
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    26' Intex - Planning, Install, Upgrades, and Landscaping Thread

    I really really wish there was a plug and play heater for Intex. They have one in the UK, no idea why they don't have them in the US.
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    Disturbing Pool Dreams

    Too many answers....
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    Leaving up for winter

    We just had a very snowy, cold, winter, so I was a little worried about my Intex, but it made it through and I'm so happy I don't have to put that thing up again. I covered and pool wrapped it. Just took the wrap off a couple weeks ago and the water is clear too.
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    Gcfi outlet placement

    Check with your local building code before doing it. Mine had to be minimum 10 ft from the pool. I put the outlet on the side of my garage, but like others said, you can put it anywhere.
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    We regret getting an above ground instead of an in-ground.

    I love my Intex. Low cost, low maintenance and I don't feel bad when it doesn't get a lot of use. I hate the ladder it came with, so will be building stairs this year. I think the low decks look great if you are looking to put something in.
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    INTEX 18x52 installation question: liner on horizontal bar positioning

    It seems impossible to get it right in the middle. It was hard enough getting them into the sleeve. I think it's most important that the vertical bars are straight. They can shift a little as you fill. I am a bit OCD too, so I checked each leg with a level every hour as it began to fill. I...
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    Any idea on size of box for Intex 18'x48" Ultra Frame?

    Just open the box and put the pieces in separate. There are a bunch of bags and boxes within the box. I had to do that anyway, because the box weighs a ton and there was no way for me to lift it. The separate pieces are easily manageable.
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    Sand filter

    I have a 2100 gph Intex sand filter and I think it works great. I have about 7K gallons and the water was perfect last year.
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    First Pool - Many Questions

    Do you know what it costs to run your heater in September? I keep toying with the idea of heating a pool in IL . I feel like it wouldn't really extend the season that much and if it did, it would cost a lot to heat. My pool isn't used that much, so trying to figure out if it's worth it.
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    Please give advice for prepping ground before new 21 foot round agp install

    I put down a tarp and then a felt pad (generic gorilla pad) and so far so good. I know a lot of people use sand, but the felt pad was so easy and it hinders growth underneath better than sand. I think people use sand, because they say it feels better on the floor.
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    Questions about bestway agp sizing

    You dug it out by hand? With a shovel? Yowza. Yes, you want to dig out the high sides.
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    Draining my Intex and getting ready to install new AGP!! **PICS!**

    I would leave it up if she can't get it today. Mine sat without water for about 3 days. I had to wait for the inspector to look at the location before filling it with water when I set it up.
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Beautiful day here in IL. Pumped off the cover and took it off. Water is perfectly clean but quite a bit of evaporation. Filling it now but will put the cover back on. Will hook up the pump in a few weeks. Just wanted to get a jump on the cleaning. So happy with the water 😊