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    Installing Winter "Shrink-Wrap" on AGP

    I am not sure what you mean about rolling the excess, but mine looks like this. It's an Intex, so I removed all the plumbing before wrapping. I wrapped it around about 5 times.
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    Intex Ultra XTR owners: Winterizing Cover

    I used pool wrap (like heavy duty saran wrap) and it seems like it will work great. The wind isn't able to get up under it.
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    Intex 12x24 Ultra Frame Winterizing - sides bowing concern

    After reading what other people did, I did not drain mine at all. I left all the water in it. Also, it looks like your cover it too tight. I let mine sit on the water (around the pillow) with plenty of slack. Mine is round but I was worried about the same thing, so that's why I didn't...
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    Intex Closing (pictures)

    Just wrapped up my pool yesterday and I love, love the pool wrap. It was so easy to put on and I don't think that stuff is going to move at all in the wind.
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    Just found this site and I am beyond excited!

    Welcome! I am so jealous! That pool is amazing!
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    Last Swim

    Well, no more swimming here in IL. I'm glad I closed the pool yesterday because it's snowing this morning! I guess snow is the official end :cry:
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    Intex pool heater

    Is there a US equivalent for the Hotsplash?
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    Puppy is finally here

    Adorable! My daughter just got a golden I think 5 months ago and he has grown so much already.
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    A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    So sorry!!! What a nightmare :(
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    Drain Water to Winterize

    Supposed to be 78 here on Thursday. Could swim if I was a polar bear.
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    Winterizing 18’ Intex Metal Frame Pool Set (Newbie)

    Just wondering why you are draining so much water? I think a collapse is more likely with so little water? I am not an expert by any means, but I am leaving my Intex full for the winter and using a solid winter cover.
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    Winter Mesh Cover. Is this normal?

    It's probably not normal if the grommets are tearing. I use a solid cover, but I wouldn't want all that weight pulling toward the middle. I can't tell if the cover is sitting in the water or outside water is pooling on the cover.
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    It's definitely a challenge. My son is a teen and he is not engaged, so I don't know how the young kids are doing the zoom. The teachers are getting mad cause a lot of kids don't show up on the zoom and less than half the kids are doing the homework. We are supposed to call the school when...
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    Anyone had the 'rona?

    Our entire district has been on "Zoom school" since March. No one has set foot in a classroom yet. I don't think school is as effective in Zoom, but I don't have to worry about my son being exposed. I don't think teens think or worry about germs that much, so not as hygienic as an adult...
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    Help! Can't decide - Pillow? or No Pillow?

    I think it's so that water and snow gathers around the pillow and not in the middle of the cover. I think the pillow will make it easier to pump water off the cover if you are short like me 😄