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    Should I clean pool cover before putting back on after SLAMing?

    What I believe the manufacturer is concerned about is notion of chlorine when it's not in balance with CYA and yes it will be harsh even at 2 ppm to skin, liners, covers and all that it's in contact with but, FC in ratio with proper CYA won't be harsh even up to slam level. So my take is keep it...
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    Main Drain Air Lock Question

    I'd say if the pool contractor closed you're good. As you say there isn't anyway to check it otherwise you loose the airlock.
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    New (+1st timer) Pool Build - North DFW

    Underwater marine epoxy works very well as I'm sure there's other products that would work fine too.
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    Help! My pool is leaking! Winter is coming

    The places to look at are the transitions from the steps to the walls and probably the at the bench too. The liner never goes into those corners and creates sort of an arc where it's empty behind it. Have see this before where on the seam it pulls apart. Had one just like it this summer at one...
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    Pump Loosing Prime issue

    Lucky, Your signature is blank and would need it to be completed so all can see what equipment you have.
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    Help! My pool is leaking! Winter is coming

    Not sure what to say but letting it get lower till it stops is a risk you're taking if and when the shallow gets to be waterless. At that point the liner can/will move which isn't a good thing. You say you already have ice which impacts that anything can be done now. Messing with the ice is also...
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    Need to add liquid chlorine when using SmarterSpa SWG?

    There's no reason to keep the FC at bare minimum. All your doing is skirting with danger of nasties taking over. You'd be better off running the FC a bit hot as it would make very little difference to bathers using the tub. One other suggestion would be to add the liquid chlorine before the soak...
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    More help with incessant pH rise

    Sky, You have to keep the dropper bottle completely upside down and I watched the testing I observed you having it at an angle which creates issues with uneven droplets falling off the tip which leads to inaccurate results.
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    Heat Pump Temperature Not Rising

    This time of the year you can benefit alot from a solar cover. There will be much less heat loss and will have solar gain during the day with minimal evaporation.
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    Spa Blower Piping Question

    It's process of elimination. Turn the valve one way and see what that does and then other way.
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    Water should be full tomorrow, Tropics Blue with a Custom Jewelscapes Mix!!

    Carnut, All turned out gorgeous and enjoy your investment. There's still one ingredient missing in the mix WE NEED YOU.
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    New (+1st timer) Pool Build - North DFW

    Hard to tell but where the green x is looks to have been a kinked conduit and possibly that's where it's cracked.
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    It started out as a liner replacement and replacing the coping!

    One bit of advice, you don't want to touch the ice if it does form before you get to cover the pool because the ice is sharp and dragging the winter cover over it can cause it to cut the liner like a razor. You'd be better off leaving it uncovered at that point.
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    Heat Pump Temperature Not Rising

    No a hp expert and someone will chime in soon enough. Your solar liquid blanket is useless if the water is moving and needs to be reapplied when pumps and all are off.