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    Calcium Chloride

    I do the same - but the water does get really hot.
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    I let it dry spread out in the yard, blow off and leaves etc with a blower, fold and put away. Scrubbing it to pristine new is not really necessary.
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    That is stunning!
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    What's your current pool temp?

    55 this am......
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    Significant Builder Delays

    Friends gave a deposit of $10k to a builder last winter - still awaiting construction. Oh and they have to pull the permits themselves. I asked my wife if they have plans to pull that permit with and the answer was no. They will never get this built. This is what happens hen people do not...
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    MD - VA - PA - DE - DC - When are you opening?

    Central MD here - opened on Saturday. It was very cold taking out the return plugs!
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Just opened on Saturday - 60 minutes tops. But.... I understand the desire to see someone else do it - my builder included an opening way beck when we built the pool, so I just watched and learned.
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    HELP, was our skimmer set too low.

    Go to his website (it he has one). Look at the photos of pools he completed, see how high the water is relative to the tile, then ask him if you ran your water that high would the skimmer skim properly?
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Just say no to the algaecide, please. Not necessary, and could cause metal staining.
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    HELP, was our skimmer set too low.

    James and PoolGate are 100% right. Once you pay, he will forget you were ever a customer. A tear-out and replace can really only be done now before everything is buttoned up. He is interested in getting it done and over in the next few weeks, you have to look at it forever. I am sure this is...
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    Pool opened. Next year I'll open it myself.

    Same here, I consider it "broken pipe insurance" and money well spent.
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    New Fiberglass install in Clarksville TN (Dig started Nov 16, 2020)

    Yard looks great! What a transformation from last year. Congratulations.
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    MD - VA - PA - DE - DC - When are you opening?

    Frederick County, MD here. Going to open the weekend of the April 10th, maybe the weekend after if my 2nd vaccine knocks me back a little. I am generally an April opener - gives me time to have the entire area ready for an early warm up (fingers crossed).
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    Polywood Furniture

    The place we went to is also saying there are tremendous shortages on materials as well. Price increases as well - I should have bought the loungers we wanted in February for $269, they are now $319
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    FiberGlass Pool Manufacturer

    I have a River Pool - I live close enough that they themselves did the installation. Having never owned a pool, fiberglass is all I know, but as others said, maintenance is pretty easy.