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    Bubbler Questions

    I had found an old thread and couldn’t post on it, but luckily the guy is still fairly active so I messaged him.
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    Hard plumbing just this one piece.

    Thank you SO MUCH! That is JUST what I needed!
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    Hard plumbing just this one piece.

    You have NO IDEA how difficult it has been for me to not brag about my slide. There’s a whole story and I want to wait until everything comes together before I brag 😂
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    Hard plumbing just this one piece.

    First off, I want to say that I hope all of my fellow Texans were as lucky as we were this past week. Very minimum damage. My plan was to just leave my pump going. Well at some point on the second night, the bottom part of this hose popped off. It’s something I’ve been wanting to hard plumb, but...
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    Lake water??

    We went with the faucet. It was so hard explaining to them that the money saved in using lake water would be tripled in chlorine costs.
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    What is this bug

    If you’re having a lot of rain, you need to use granules. Even the chemical that claims to be rainfast won’t work as well as granules in a wet environment.
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    Ants???? Vacuum hose????

    I can’t speak for all generics, but suspend is pretty good. I really don’t have a favorite IGR, but I usually use NyGuard. Good luck!
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    It’s time to play... Name this stain!

    Wow, almost looks like minnows swimming around.
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    Lake water??

    To me, this is an obvious answer, but let’s humor someone... I’m helping someone get their pool in order & they live lakeside. We’re draining quite a bit bc the CYA was at least 200 & that’s just a guess bc my test tube doesn’t register at that number. So they’ve asked can’t we just refill from...
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    Anyone have outlets installed on their deck?

    I know all of that from when I ran the power out to the equipment. I should have been more specific, will I need to bond the deck to the pool if it has a power source connected to it? Not sure that I’m using the correct terminology.
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    Anyone have outlets installed on their deck?

    I bought the NiteLighter pool light this year & the place that I currently have it installed doesn’t leave enough room to plug it in comfortably. It’s on the short end of my pool & the deck on that side is 10 ft, then my equipment & outlets are installed about 4 ft away from the deck. It can...
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    Pool bottom flaking off?

    I don’t believe she does. I’m planning to go out on Tuesday to look at her equipment. She says the pool company has told her they won’t service her equipment at all anymore by she won’t move the equipment. Given, it does look like the equipment may be sitting higher than it should. But it was...