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    1st time pool owner- How do I patch a hole in the liner

    GEE - thanks. Is Dave still in charge? (I'm not ******** - I just haven't been around in a number of years)
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    Hayward H400 IF codes!! HELP!

    Great analysis!
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    Use and care for DE filters

    A good idea is to keep the acid mix (if you have a dedicated container) :)
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    Help identifying a leak

    Welcome to TFP!! You're doing a good job of identifying the leak. :) & thanx for the pics. If, as you say, the leak is lessened by running the pump - you have a suction side leak (skimmers or MDs) Do you get 'extra' air in the pump housing after a few minutes of running the pump? Have you...
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    pool tiles fell off and found a crack on the wall

    Welcome to TFP!! It sounds like your deck 'heaved' and pushed in on the top of the wall, thereby cracking it. :x To me, this suggests a 'surface ground water' issue that would probably be corrected by installing a curtain drain in the afflicted area. As for repairing the damage already done...
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    Liner install DIY

    If you're gonna order it yourself, PLEASE be sure of all your measurements BEFORE you order it! Installing a liner for the first time is enough of a challenge without having to deal with all the hassles of an incorrectly sized liner. Though I never got around to writing the DIY liner drop post...
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    In ground pool quote, any suggestions?

    Hi Sandy, welcome to TFP!! I built and serviced pools in Ct. for 10 years (2001 -2010, Waterbury area based but had accounts in Winsted, Mystic and Fairfield & all in between) The price is reasonable, even the stamped crete. I also think you'll be wanting a larger deck, at least in certain...
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    Pool stairs replacement, inground vinyl

    Welcome to TFP!! Replacing steps in an existing pool can be a nightmare! (this I know from having done it ~ 20 times) There is a lot involved in the change-out and it can be very labor intensive and require tools and equipment that most homeowners don't have. However, let's discuss this and see...
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    FNS plus DE filter rust inside.

    Hey, Thinkly :wave: While I don't want to tell you the FNS is failing, I would certainly change the wing-nut and address/ fix the band's rust. If you had a low pH issue last season, I'd say that it exasperated the issue - and keep better control of your pH this season :wink: I am never...
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    Pump Leaking

    You are leaking from that 1/2 union! Either the o-ring has gone bad or the union is broken or has backed off. :( I think this is something you can fix/ establish the cause of yourself. If you don't have a wrench that will allow you to tighten or loosen the union, you can use a belt (like...
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    Yet another new build thread - Central Florida

    Welcome to TFP!! Looking good! 8-)
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    How to clear a clogged skimmer suction line?

    Their spouses HATE it :lol: :oops:
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    One Year Anniversary!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :cheers: :party: :whoot: :lovetfp:
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    How To Install New Pool Returns

    Hey, sorry for the delay :( Having the F/A ~ 1/8" behind the wall's finished level is good. It will allow you to 'pack' in the hydrolic cement and still leave room for the new Diamond Brite. Getting a return inlet that has a 'flange' would cover the dimple in the wall. 8-) Please keep in...