Fiberglass Pool owner since 2005. Viking Rockport - 12500 gal. Originally on a Chlorine, Trichlor tablet, with liquid 12.5% as a shock, plus all the other chemicals. Had major staining problems, Tan color, and difficulty keeping ALK and PH inline. Converted to SWG 5yrs ago, still get mild staining - major trees around, easily handled. BUT, (happily) the ALK, PH and CH levels remain constant with no wild swings. The convert was about $2500 then and figure ROI was less than 3yrs on chemical costs alone not to mention added swim time lost of ALK, PH and CH swings. I'm a SWG fan for a Trouble Free Pool. Now, I just maintain salt levels @3200ppm, 12.5% to shock occasionally, some Pool Perfect + PHOSfree weekly and that's it. Couple other things.. I do maintain my Cyanuric Acid @ 50ppm as best I can. Adjusting because rainfall or adding water due to Grand K'nids having fun! :) I only use an algaecide plus liquid chlorine when opening because the water needs to be @60F+ and salt levels near 3200ppm for the SWG to start working effectively. My SWG is Hayward with a T-Cell-15.
Sep 20, 1948 (Age: 71)
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12,500gal Fiberglass Viking Rockport pool, Hayward Cartridge Filter C-2030, Hayward SWG T-Cell-15, Raypak 200k Heater with a Hayward Super Pump