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    Ph Control with Stenner Pump?

    Very helpful response.. Thanks.. That's pretty much what I was hoping to find out: The folks in the link below seem to have what you suggest. Is this what you proposed? Is it a good deal, or am I better off buying the individual pieces. and assembling them myself...
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    Anything to do for algae before opening?

    Yeh.. my time travel machine seems to be broken, so I meant May ;( But if I could go back to March, I might have been able to avoid the situation! Marty, as always, thanks for the sage advice. We're on well water, so a complete refill isn't my first choice. Given that it looks like things are...
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    Anything to do for algae before opening?

    Because of some work travel and other family constraints we're not planning on opening our pool for a few more weeks (in early March). Just noticed that the water has started to turn green, however. Is there anything to do between now and opening to try and control or minimize the algae? Or do I...
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    Ph Control with Stenner Pump?

    With travel, vacation etc. I'm lucky to be able to check/adjust my pool chemistry on the weekends. I managed pretty well last year, but was always high on the Ph, 8.0 or slightly higher, at the beginning of every weekend. This year, I'm thinking about installing a stenner pump, tank and injector...
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    Pump running fulltime vs timer vs Variable speed with SWG?

    Thanks for the explanation, and for the really useful link.
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    Pump running fulltime vs timer vs Variable speed with SWG?

    Thanks for the replies. I was worried about running the SWG directly off the timer, so it's good that it's not a problem. My first thought was to just go with a VS pump and run it all the time (just most of the time at low speed). It hadn't occurred to me to by a 2nd timer and run the SWG only...
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    Pump running fulltime vs timer vs Variable speed with SWG?

    Our pool has a single speed main pump that runs all the time, it also has a timer that controls a booster pump for our Polaris. We converted it to a salt pool last year, adding the SWG. I'd like to reduce our electric bill if it's at all possible. I've seen postings on here that there's no...
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    O.k. to let CYA drop a little at the end o f the season?

    Over the season, my CYA has dropped from the 80 (which I had to drain to achieve) to somewhere between 50-60. Given that we're getting towards the end of the season I'm wondering if it's o.k. to keep it a little lower till closing? My SWG is still chugging away happily and my FC level is staying...
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    Would you touch pH?

    Our PH routinely increases during the week and when I don't get a chance to check it till the weekend it's usually in the 7.8-8.0 range. I'm one of those people who has trouble judging the color to tell whether it's 7.8 or 8.0, or maybe even higher. So based on a suggestion by someone else on...
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    Vacation and new SWG. What to do?

    I will be in a similar boat in a few weeks. The SWG has been doing a good job keeping the chlorine level up and I feel good that it will keep it up while we're gone. Based on what I've read, I'm not expecting things like CYA, TA and CH to become issues in just a few weeks. I this assumption...
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    Noobie here... Since having to do a 2/3 partial refill for having high CYA, I feel like things are going pretty well. I have this site to thank for that. I'm wondering what things, if any, I should be tinkering with at this point? Or should I just leave well enough alone? Here's my most current...
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    Probably trying to do too many things at once!

    Now that's yet another really helpful tip.... I would never have thought of that myself. I'm learning a lot from this site, and from everyone's helpful comments. Thanks to all y'all (I think you know who you are..)!
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    After partial drain for high CYA: How's this look? and what next?

    Here's the OCLT result. Last night at dusk FC = 5.2, CC = 0, this morning at 5:30 am FC = 5.0, CC = 0 Am I good? Should I still raise the chlorine before I leave just to be safe?
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    After partial drain for high CYA: How's this look? and what next?

    As mentioned in an earlier posting, the pool that came with the just we just got had very high CYA. After a couple of partial drains, this is where we're at today: FC = 5.2 CC = 0 Ph = 7.4 TA = 200 CH = 120 CYA = 80 Salt = 2900 temp = 76 I know the salt is a little low, but I wanted to ask...
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    Pool with new house, just opening for the first time

    Thanks Kiss4aFrog, that's new information to me.. Though most of it is.. Since I can't fix the CYA issue without replacing water it seems like my main question right now is to decide whether to refill out of the well, or bite the bullet and pay the extra money to get some water trucked in...