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    Cost benefit of the swg

    Switch to swcg and oversize your cell. This is a plug for CircuPool, which I use. They'll increase your unit for a dollar (I'm assuming their deal is still on.) I'm running a RJ30+ at 40% 24/7 and it more than keeps up. I moved it from a 14K pool and ran it 4 hours a day. With a 7 year cell...
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    A/C Heat Exchanger to Heat Pool?

    The concept has been used in Florida for decades to add heat to water heaters. It works quite well....but as mentioned the challenge is finding someone knowledgeable to make the installation and being willing to probably sacrificing the equipment warranty.
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    Hotspot FPH Help

    Having pioneered the ductless mini-split products in the Carolinas in the 80's, the difficulty I would expect would be lack of room in the outdoor unit to make connections and the smaller capacity of the units.
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    Pool liner slipped at top

    I have several like that, also at coping joints. I'll watch for an answer with you.
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    Tankless Water Heater to Heat My Pool

    (y)(y)(y)(y):kim: Since I have a spare tankless unit, that might be an option in my future as well!
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    Tankless Water Heater to Heat My Pool

    The other concern is that the life of the heater is directly related to the amount of copper leached from the heat exchanger into the pool water.
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    Tankless Water Heater to Heat My Pool

    A few years ago (okay, more than a few. It just seems like a few.) Home builders were using tankless heaters to provide both domestic hot water and circulated it through a coil for apartment heating. Granted, the chemistry was potable water but it actually worked. Heater life wasn't as great...
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    Cell drain down

    As your surmised, Marty, I had a small suction leak at a coupling in front of the pump intake. Now I'm considering how to rewire to accommodate a ct and interposing relay on a small current draw vs pump. Not that it is difficult, just having to work in a tight space with little room.
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    Does anyone make an instant pool warmer? (If not...million dollar idea...)

    Forget about any warranty on the pool. He produces some entertaining videos....but he isn't a chemist!
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    First home/First pool

    If you are running the swcg during the day, bump the output up to 35% a few hours prior to the party then test afterward. Typically it won't go up that fast, plus with bather load it should settle out by the end of the party. Then return to 25%.
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    Does anyone make an instant pool warmer? (If not...million dollar idea...)

    Permitting would be tough. As would getting one from a decommissioned vessel delivered. The PWR would be more compact but also more problems with the heat exchanger system. A BWR would be simpler. You could also use the pool to cook lobsters....
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    Cell drain down

    Thanks, Marty
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    Oversizing a new SWG system

    Go big for a long time!
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    Cell drain down

    I have recently installed my CircuPool swcg. The cell is mounted vertically, flow switch downstream. Both swcg and pump are connected to the same time switch, but with a vs pump I just run it 24/7. I have been considering adding a current sensor system as a safety to prevent the swcg from...
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    Replacing SWG

    There you go! PoolMath is our friend!