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    Socks captured THIS from returns...what now?

    Pollen , I get it in my skimmer socks.
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    Best way to add large amounts of CYA to new pool

    I wouldn’t think it would matter as a solution or in its current state. It’s probably just a different manufacturer that has the powder that fine. I agree not to put all at once. Easier to add more then to remove water and stuff.
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    Is “clarify” the same thing as stabilizer?

    Amazon as well, if you don’t need it right away.
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    Is “clarify” the same thing as stabilizer?

    If your looking for conditioner, and need it right away, you can get liquid conditioner from any pool store or dry stabilizer. Both are fine to use. But the dry stabilizer method to Disperse is putting it in a sock by the skimmer Or jet and letting it dissolve over time.
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    Best way to add large amounts of CYA to new pool

    Every so often squeeze the sock it helps it dissolve and disperse.
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    Recs for where to get stuff for raising calcium hardness

    I have found on this forum that using 90-100% of calcium works fine. I use an ice melt that says between 90-97% pure and works well. It’s called winter heat and I bought it for $20 at Home Depot for 50lb bag. Some companies won’t tell you the actual amount because it’s proprietary.
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    Crazy numbers

    Yeah he is going to drain half way anyway and fix the light first. We shall see what happens after that. He’s got other problems for sure.
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    Crazy numbers

    Yep the liner was wrinkling and I did not test cya. Should have. He had a lot of vacuuming to do first so I will let him know about the cya. He was ordering his test kit today as well.
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    Crazy numbers

    Thanks, didn’t know that. Interesting for sure
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    Crazy numbers

    I did not let it circulate much, I think with that rusty light and water there are other issues that probably need to be addressed first. He also had a lot of air in the main drain line when the skimmers were off. So there could be an issue there as well.
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    Crazy numbers

    I was helping someone today that is new to pools and bought a house with a pool that was not well taken care of. It’s about 25-30k gallon vinyl inground. Took cover off for first time today and the algae was overwhelming and was clumping one the bottom. My question is, when I tested the water...
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    bleach alternatives

    I saw this on another thread for puck usage and amounts. 1 puck - 8 oz. of trichlor - will raise your 15,000 gallons by 3.7 FC, raise CYA by 2.2, lower pH by 0.2, and raise salt by 2 ppm
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    Ph steady?

    Is anyone else’s ph steady most of the week? I adjusted my chemicals properly and have good numbers all around. My TA is 75 and my ph is 7.6 and has held steady for about a week now. I don’t think I have ever had my ph so steady. Is this normal. Lol I shouldn’t complain but I thought after...
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    CSI relation to good numbers

    Thanks, yep was playing with the numbers and noticed that. It just seemed odd.