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    Also, make sure you remove and scrub the ladders, light niches, skimmer door, and all those little places algae love to hide.
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    Best way to add polyquat to the pool at closing

    I put mine in front of return like LC. 🤷‍♀️
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    Extended closing

    That thought did cross my mind but then we started to get actual Fall here in Central PA and the water temp was 62 yesterday. We're scheduled to close Monday 10/25 so I think we'll be ok.
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    lowering water level question

    We are on public sewer. We do have a sewer clean out in the front of yard (I assume that's what that white cap is). The wastewater system is owned by PA American Water and apparently they don't want residents draining pool water into the sewer clean outs. Does that sound normal? I know draining...
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    Worms? What gives?

    And crickets. I swear those little b*&$%#$s are having a pool party every night. I hate crickets.
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    lowering water level question

    I know I'm overthinking this but here goes. I'm having someone close the pool but I'll manage my own chemicals. Pool is schedule to close on 10/25 so a little less than 2 weeks. According to Loop-Loc, my water needs to be 15-18" below the top of the pool. Base on that, I need to lower another...
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    Gizzmo & Dual Port Skimmer

    I have a plugged port in my skimmer as well and have the longer blue gizzmo but it came with the pool so I didn't purposely buy that one.
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    Worms? What gives?

    YES! I've had a ton the later part of this summer and now fall. And caterpillars of all shapes and sizes. My robot is working overtime.
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    The TPF Method Works

    Nice work, beautiful pool!
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    Is anybody else (who just closed recently) already missing their pool??? 😟

    My pool is still technically open and this warm weather is killing me. The water temp this morning was 66* so too cold to get in but I'm starting to get concerned that it won't be 60 below when I close it. Not the end of the world, I know. It's scheduled to close on 10/25 so 2 more weeks. And...
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    Accidentally added 5lbs of fertilizer to the pool

    Have you read through this article on Pool School? It can help differentiate between organic and inorganic stains and how to test/treat each one.
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    Refill the pool before closing?

    I'd leave it. We have a Gizmo that goes in the skimmer so I'm partial to that.
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    Algae prevention

    I assume this was our prior owner. She handed us a completely green swamp and acted like it was totally normal. And she even opened the pool early (mid-April) so we could see it before closing.
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    My pool guy is sassy!

    Eh, you'll be fine. I'm pretty sure this place has seen it all.
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    What to do after mouse?

    What everyone else said. I found a few mice over the summer. Just scoop them out continue about your day. Right now, I've got every critter under the sun. Every night, the giant spiders, crickets, lizards, caterpillars and worms are having a Dang party in there. Scoop them out and keep chlorine...