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    Lost a Ton of FC After First Salt Pour?

    Given that it dropped below or close to 0.5 I’d suggest after rebalancing you check overnight chlorine loss again. EDIT: To clarify, if it is a containment or not chlorine went low enough that you should check; not doubting earlier tests.
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    Soon to install Edge 40 - questions from an swg new owner

    I think if I am reading my clock info I can have two circuits controlled on the same clock. I don’t need the. Booster to turn ON automatically as much as I need it to not be able to turn ON when the pump is off. I’m thinking of leaving the manual switch in place and then if they turn it ON it...
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    Soon to install Edge 40 - questions from an swg new owner

    I’m installing an Edge 40 soon at my father in laws pool. I’m the pool boy - lol. It’s a vinyl pool getting a new liner and with the cost of liquid chlorine and my father in law aging I’ve decided to install an swg. All of the pvc plumbing will get replaced at the equipment as the pool is older...
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    Returning user: lots of Old conversations how do I mark them read?

    Edit: I found how to mark them! No need for a reply. I have returned after a long hiatus. I have something like 180 old conversations with notices. If like to dismiss them since they’re quite old. I found a place for alerts that allows dismissal but nothing similar for conversations. Is...
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    Poolskim setup issues

    Disclaimer: I have never used a poolskim but I understand their operation I think. Do you have automation channels available? Could you add a valve to shut off or reduce flow into the particular return you have the poolskim on during the startup period?
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    Quick question about Water Features

    Most of the time I guess you use more acid. You also then need to add to your TA over time. Perhaps you add Borates for a more stable pH?
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    Extended Test Kit Directions

    You can use tap water for that - assuming that it is CYA free. You don't have to worry about the pH or Chlorine or TA or CH in that test so dilution doesn't matter unless the liquid used contains CYA.
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    lookin for ideas on what to do with the mud pit

    EDIT Rubber + Fire is a bad bad bad idea: ... h_24078231 Without the firepit I would use this product for this area - but with the firepit I think you are asking for trouble. Pea gravel might be the best bet - particularly if you then add a pad over it.
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    Closing myself

    Might be worth having them do this one time... then you will know how to do it.
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    Closing pool using Orenda (CV-700)

    Phosphate remover is expensive and not necessary if you follow the process detailed in this thread: closing-an-in-ground-pool-t2896.html The key is that you only close after the water has passed the SLAM process and the water is also below 65 degrees F. You then open before the water is warmer...
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    Trouble with Frogs

    Billie - I live in the Charlotte area and we are right near a creek but have only a few frogs ever. I wonder if putting some type of "ladder" in the skimmer and leaving the cover off - or making a cover to use when you are not there that allows the frogs a way out of the skimmer would help.
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    lookin for ideas on what to do with the mud pit

    Rubber mulch? It's not going to damage a liner and it keeps down the mud issues.
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    Opening a pool today, need advice for filter after winter

    Re: Opening a pool today, need advice for filter after winte If the filter has been used for a few years and you haven't cleaned the sand (not replaced - that's not required) you might go through that process while you are filling - it's just a matter of opening it and washing the sand - the...
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    lookin for ideas on what to do with the mud pit

    Photobucket works great for pics... I like the idea of sand or pea gravel and I think that a thick pad would protect the pool each year when it gets put up.
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    Install a pump in pool under a mesh cover?

    There are probably some ways to mitigate this by making the drain hose freeze resistant but this can get pretty crazy in terms of complexity. If there was a way to automatically drain the line and fill with air or a water and RV antifreeze mix to below the freeze depth each time after the pump...